Queen from Peter to Spadina | Spadina to Soho

Hi. I’m Kevin Steele. I took thousands of photographs of Toronto’s Queen Street West between 2000 and 2017.

       Now I’m organizing these pictures into a series of books. The first one is done! Pre-orders/crowdfunding for Portraits of Queen West: Spadina to Bathurst begins September 13!

There are over 1550 photos as of September 2023. There are still 1000s more to be finished and uploaded. 

      In the galleries, photos are organized by address so browsing may be the best way to find an address, especially if you only know the streets it is near!

      Searching by address returns correct results. The way SmugMug presents search results is awkward for my photos and hopefully, this can be improved. 

Please contact me if you’re looking for a specific address, whether or not you are interested in a print — I can prioritize finishing and uploading those pictures.

Ordering photos supports getting this project done, thank you.

A visual introduction to the project

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